Coyotes have been spotted much more recently roaming in residential neighborhoods far from the hills. Sightings are not uncommon when the animals come down from the hills particularly in this time of drought. They have on occasion taken small animals and can jump over seven foot fences and walls. Please be careful with your pets.

There is some very helpful and current information on the Los Angeles Department of Animal Services. More information about the coyote itself is available on the University of California Integrated Pest Management page and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife page has links to report sick or injured animals.

From Officer Dinh ( at LA Animal Services: “Please keep in mind, this is the time of year where all the wild babies born in spring are now juveniles and learning the terrain. It may seem like more, but it is temporary (67% mortality rate for coyotes naturally) unless there is enough food to sustain them.  The most important thing to realize is this is also a very impressionable state, which we “Humans” should take advantage and haze without harming them.  If the juveniles want to learn, teach them that your residential area is no place for them.  Do not provide any source of food, such as access to garbage, uneaten fruits, pet food left outside and unfortunately even small pets left unattended, clutter and dense brush (the latter 2 harbors rodents).  Make sure if you all have holiday guests, to advise them to do the same. Let’s give them little reason to hang around and remind them to stay Naturally afraid of us.”

Below are some resources from the City, County, non-profits and others which may be helpful. Also check our older posts about the animals.