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Monday, March 16th, 2020

Our local and state officials have put several regulations in place to try to reduce the spread of the COVID-19, a coronavirus that has created a global pandemic.

A brief recap follows with links to their offices for more detailed information.

Mayor Garcetti has prohibited gatherings of more than 50 people. He has also closed all restaurants and bars to the public but many continue to operate offering delivery or take out. Movie theatres and gyms are closed.

Governor Newsom is calling for home isolation of everyone in the state age 65 and older, and people with chronic disease, both high-risk populations.

Social distancing is the best tool we have to reduce the spread of the virus and prevent overwhelming our hospitals and health care providers.

Stay at home if you can.

If you must go out keep a distance of 6 feet from others.

Wash your hands frequently.

Cover your cough or sneezes.

Don’t go out at all if you are sick.

Social distancing will protect not just your family but everyone else in the community, especially those that are more vulnerable to this virus.

We can still support our local restaurants by requesting delivery or take out.

Please check on your senior neighbors or others who may not be able to get out and may need assistance. While we can’t gather in person right now, we can connect virtually or via phone to support one another through this challenging time.


LA Coronavirus updates :

LA Department of Public Health coronavirus :

California Department of Public Health:

Governor Newsom’s request:


SB 50 Overview

Tuesday, January 28th, 2020

SB50’s stated purpose is to address California’s housing shortage, by allowing multi-family dwellings in single-family neighborhoods near transit corridors. That includes most of central Los Angeles (including Greater Wilshire, within which lies Windsor Square), because proximity to transit corridors is defined loosely as “within a half mile of a train station and within a quarter mile of a bus stop.”

In response to statewide criticisms expressed last spring, summer and fall, SB 50’s sponsor, State Senator Scott Wiener from San Francisco, made small changes and returned to the Senate with the bill.

This version of the proposed law allegedly exempts neighborhoods with HPOZs (Historic Preservation Overlay Zones) — but only those HPOZs that were established prior to 2010, which would include Windsor Square but not Miracle Mile. Despite that provision, the complicated proposed law still does not exempt newer houses built within any HPOZ zone, known as “non-conforming” structures. Many blocks in Windsor Square contain such structures, and these properties easily could be targets of developers’ wrecking balls. Imagine a boxy new four- or five-story condo building squeezed in between two historic homes!

Not for affordable housing

Although many promoters of SB 50 imply that it is a means to create affordable housing, most serious analysts say that will not be the result because there is nothing in the legislation to require affordable housing for any projects with ten or fewer units. Given the real estate industry sponsors who are paying for the pro-SB 50 legislative advocacy (as well as for the election campaigns of Sen. Wiener and other supporters), the actual products of the adoption of SB 50 will be exactly what these developers want to build — more luxury apartments and condos (ten or fewer per project) as well as lucrative McMansions.

NOT the needed affordable housing.

Parking reduced

In addition, developers will not be required to provide enough parking places for tenants, which will make construction cheaper. In much of Windsor Square, parking is already scarce with many residents and their visitors unable to park near their house.

SB 50 is a give-away to the sponsoring real estate and construction industries. It likely will cause a reduction in affordable housing, especially in middle- and lower-middle income Los Angeles communities — as investors buy up more and more single-family properties to change them to reap the financial windfall being granted to developers by SB 50 — if it passes.

SB 50 not needed

We can all agree that Los Angeles needs more affordable housing. SB 50 is not the way to accomplish this worthy goal. There are many areas where large apartment buildings make sense — some of those areas are near Windsor Square. You can see large parcels to the east and west that already have been cleared for construction of big apartment buildings like many of the nearby projects that have been completed in the last few years. These projects are where they should be — on land zoned for multi-family projects. Sadly, though, most of this new construction is for expensive market-rate units. They are not affordable to many (including many who might have occupied former bungalows or small apartments on the land that was cleared for construction).

Let’s see a more thoughtful approach than SB 50 — one that will not destroy established or historic communities; one that will not be a handout to developers and the construction industry; and one that will honestly create more affordable housing.

Speak up!

Those of you in Windsor Square, or anywhere in Los Angeles,  who care about the future of your block should write or call the following immediately — to tell them SB 50 will hurt their constituents, poorer ones especially, and to urge them to STOP SB 50.

The Senate is preparing to vote today, January 29. Please contact your senators now!

Write or call:

State Senator Ben Allen (916) 651-4026

State Senator Maria Elena Durazo (916) 651-4024

Assembly Member Richard Bloom (916) 319-2050

Assembly Member Miguel Santiago (916) 319-2053



Sunday, January 26th, 2020

Tomorrow, Monday Jan. 27, we expect Sen. Scott Wiener to unveil amendments that DO NOT stop SB 50 from destroying our communities.


 Tonight and tomorrow, call and or email  senators’ DISTRICT OFFICES statewide, to oppose SB 50. These messages are highly effective and are relayed to Sacramento!

Windsor Square representatives:

Maria Elena Durazo


phone: 916-651-4024

East of Plymouth Between Wilshire and Beverly, East of Gower above Beverly

Ben Allen



West of Plymouth Wilshire to Beverly, West of Gower above Beverly. 

If the email kicks back, resend a couple times! Some senators have a kick back system to reject new senders.

If you are not in Windsor Square and need to find your representative: 

Do NOT contact the Rules Committee. The Rules Committee is NOT voting on SB 50. They are going to procedurally pass it on!

 The battle is on the senate floor, this week!

Here are key e-mail addresses for senators that will be voting:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,