Trees on Larchmont Boulevard

Windsor Square Association

Larchmont Boulevard Ficus Tree Plan


No Larchmont Boulevard Ficus tree will be removed unless it is dead, diseased or dangerous; nor will be removed because of sidewalk damage, unless the adjacent sidewalk is first lifted or removed to allow root inspection and pruning, supervised by a certified arborist paid by the responsible party.

The responsible party will pay for removal of any such tree, grinding its stump and removing its roots from the underlying soil, supervised by a certified arborist.

The responsible party will pay for and forthwith replace any such tree with at least a 36” boxed size Saratoga Bay Laurel (Laurus nobilis ‘Saratoga’) after sidewalk repair, if needed, paid for by the responsible party. 
Replacement trees shall be planted in the largest possible sidewalk cut outs and in soil approved by a certified arborist.

After planting, high-quality, uniform metal grates paid for by the responsible party will be installed to make the sidewalk more walkable.

The responsible party will be responsible for maintenance of any Ficus tree or replacement tree, including automated irrigation and/or hand-watering, fertilizing, staking, shaping and pruning pursuant to a protocol approved by a certified arborist.

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  1. Pam Says:

    There is a nearly dead, huge ficus in front of 410-412 N. Larchmont. I reported it to the city last year and asked the city employee if anyone else had. She said yes, so I was hopeful it would be cut down. No such luck. Even a few weeks ago there was a sign in front of it saying there would be tree trimming but nothing was done. What is especially worrying is a gigantic lower branch, the size of a small tree itself, with most of the bark gone so you know it’s totally rotten. I hate to think of it falling onto one of the many mothers wheeling their babies on the sidewalk everyday.

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