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How to Co-Exist with Coyotes… from Empower LA

Monday, October 16th, 2017

Wonderful web page about coyotes, with thanks from Scott Goldstein.  Please also see our page on Coyotes under a tab on our Security page and search for Coyote on our site for more articles as well:

How to Co-Exist with Coyotes


Some Coyote advice from Officer Dinh, LA Animal Services

Wednesday, October 14th, 2015

windsor square coyote“Please keep in mind, this is the time of year where all the wild babies born in spring are now juveniles and learning the terrain. It may seem like more, but it is temporary (67% mortality rate for coyotes naturally) unless there is enough food to sustain them.  The most important thing to realize is this is also a very impressionable state, which we “Humans” should take advantage and haze without harming them.  If the juveniles want to learn, teach them that your residential area is no place for them.  Do not provide any source of food, such as access to garbage, uneaten fruits, pet food left outside and unfortunately even small pets left unattended, clutter and dense brush (the latter 2 harbors rodents).  Make sure if you all have holiday guests, to advise them to do the same. This is also a very good time to walk your pets with other people. Have at least one person carry a good size stick, to even throw towards the coyotes.

Let’s give them little reason to hang around and remind them to stay Naturally afraid of us.”

Coyote Information

Monday, October 12th, 2015

We’ve had many many reports of coyotes in our neighborhood recently. Please be careful of pets in your yard and do not walk dogs off leash. We’ve posted some of the most important information on a new Coyote page under our Safety and Security tab. Please check out the references there and please feel free to send any more information you might have to us.  We are designing lawn signs warning people who might not be on our Block Captain network of the presence of the coyotes.