May 2nd, 2019





This post updated: 5/17/19


Senate Bill 50, before State Legislators in Sacramento — that would forever change our historic Windsor Square neighborhood — has been delayed for the remainder of this year!

Because of community feedback and opposition, the bill was suspended temporarily by the chairman of an important State Senate committee:

Sen. Anthony Portantino (Glendale)


1-818-409-0400…..Glendale District Office

1-909-599-7351…..San Dimas District

Senator Portantino lives in La Canada Flintridge. Please call one of his offices to say “thank you” for ending consideration of the bill during this legislative session. 

SB 50 

A new bill, SB 50, has come before the State Legislators in Sacramento that would forever change our historic Windsor Square neighborhood. This bill is a new version of SB 827 that was vetoed by Governor Brown last year.

If passed, SB 50 would override local zoning and HPOZ protection. It would permit the demolition of historic homes to make room for four- and five-story apartment buildings to be built lot line to lot line, right next door to single family homes.

SB 50 is being positioned a solution to the California housing crisis that will increase development in transit areas. However, it offers a very broad definition of transit areas that would include much of our community including Windsor Square, Hancock Park, Brookside, and Larchmont Village.

SB 50 eliminates all local land use control. No HPOZ. No Zoning.

There will be no increased City budget for infrastructure improvements. Parking is not required for the development.

The bill is authored by a State Senator Scott Weiner from Northern California and yet the impact will largely hit Southern California with 15 counties in our part of the state being included. It is worth noting that Marin, Sonoma and Napa counties are excluded.

Additional housing is certainly needed in our city, but a “one size fits all” mandate that removes land use input from homeowners and tenants and eliminates city zoning and historical preservation is not the answer. This will lead to the destruction of the character of our Windsor Square neighborhood – and every other single family community in the city – as we know it and love it.

SB 50 is so extreme and large in its reach that it is might sound impossible for it to become law. And yet last month it was passed in two committees of the California State Senate. The fate of this bill lies in their hands. Once the bill progresses through committee votes it will proceed to a senate vote.

On 4/2/19 SB 50 passed in the California Senate Housing committee 9 yes, 1 no, 1 no vote recorded.

On 4/24/19 SB passed in the California Senate Governance and Finance committee 6 yes, 1 no.

On 5/16/19 SB was killed by Senator Portantino in the Approriations Committee.

The bill will return next year in another attempt to pass. Our campaign to protect our neighborhood is not over.

The Los Angeles City Council, including our council member David Ryu, has voted to oppose SB 50 as has the San Francisco City Council. LA Mayor Eric Garcetti declined a request by our City Council to sign a letter opposing the bill. Governor Newsom has also taken a “wait and see” approach. 


You will read support of this bill in the media. It has been well positioned by the author and the intent of the bill, to assist with our housing crisis, is one that resonates with many. The details are being overlooked. Many of those who have written in favor of the bill do not live in Los Angeles nor do they understand the massive reach of SB 50.

Please read the bill for yourself here and follow it’s progress through the legislature:


Tell the people who represent you that you are opposed to SB 50.

1/Call your representatives.

Windsor Square state representatives:

EAST of the centerline of Plymouth Boulevard:

Senator Maria Elena DurazoDistrict Office (213) 483-9300

Assembly Member Miguel SantiagoDistrict Office (213) 620-4646

WEST of the centerline of Plymouth Boulevard:

Senator Benjamin AllenDistrict Office (310) 318-6994

Assembly Member Richard BloomDistrict Office (310) 450-0041


YOUR SAMPLE MESSAGE: “Hi, my name is _______ and I want to leave a message for ________. Please tell her (or him) I am very OPPOSED to State Senate bill SB 50. In fact, this issue is so important to me, I will remember how she (or he) voted on this bill at the next election. Please make sure she (or he) gets my message. Thank you.”



Call Mayor Eric Garcetti1-213-978-1028

You may also contact our area representative from his office:

Angie Aramayo: 323-793-5150


Call Governor Gavin Newsom (he must vote yes for the bill to become law, he has yet to state his position on the bill): 1-916-445-2841


Read more here for more information

and input your address to see how your street will be impacted:

Below current press coverage of SB 50:

(Commentary by Hydee R. Feldstein, from the nearby P.I.C.O. Neighborhood Council area.)

Article by Beverly Hills Mayor John Mirisch bringing his perspective on how this legislation targets Southern California and he, unlike Senator Wiener, backs up his opinions with data and facts:

Mayor Bill Brand’s interview

Letters to the editor, LA Times

Orderly Street Tree Replacement Plan

November 7th, 2018

Annual Town Hall Meeting November 15, 2018

October 15th, 2018

Please join us for the Windsor Square Association annual “Town Hall” meeting.

Date: Thursday, November 15, 2018

Time: 7:oo PM

Location: The Ebell, 743 South Lucerne Boulevard

The agenda will include a review of Association activities during 2018, including canopy, block captains, public safety, land use and other community concerns. Association directors for 2019 will be elected and the 2018 Squeaky Wheel award will be presented.

The annual meeting is a good opportunity to meet, socialize an discuss issues of mutual concern with neighbors, police officers, civic officials and private security companies.